Dump of Dinosaur Planet RELEASED

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Dump of Dinosaur Planet RELEASED

Postby Phyreburnz » February 22nd, 2021, 12:53 am

A dump of Dinosaur Planet was released yesterday. Here is a link to the original Twitter post. They had to give a few places for the upload since their servers got overloaded due to all the downloads.

https://twitter.com/forestillusion/stat ... 93282?s=19

I haven't played it yet. In the original post, they do say that it runs kinda bleh on emulators but it works well on actual hardware. This might be the reason for me to finally break down and buy a flash cart... Or wait till somebody makes a repro! This build is thought to be from around 2000 and a notible thing is that Fox was already in the game. Until now, it was believed that he wasn't added until the move to the GameCube.
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