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5 Reasons why K. Rool Should've Been in Brawl

An article by Jomingo

2 September '09

Well, I could have written this as a more traditional essay-styled article but I'm feeling a little too lazy for that and I think that a list will suffice for this particular topic. Anyway, on with the feature:

Now for a lot of people, at least those who would ever visit this site, the most dissapointing exclusion from Super Smash Bros. Brawl was that of the scurvy leader of the Kremling Krew, King K. Rool. Why they chose to exclude K. Rool we may never know, the point is it was a big mistake. This topic can get me quite heated, but I will try to list off five things without blowing a barrel and turning this into a rant.

. . .

Reason #1: Representation

The DK series is Nintendo's 4th best selling franchise, just behind Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda. Donkey Kong is arguably just as well know as Mario. DK deserved three characters far more than Kirby or StarFox. I know that F-Zero only got one character, but let's face it, the F-Zero franchise never has and never will be as popular as DK. Apparently, DK is no more important to Nintendo than Fire Emblem and Earthbound.

Reason #2: This game could use more Villains

It's true. Villains are fun to play as, and the SSE certainly could've used a few more villains than the four or so it had, as compared to the other twenty eight or so good guys that partake in the SSE. No, I didn't count R.O.B. as a villain(or the non-playable bosses for that matter). They can add hero after hero, but until a series' villain is accounted for the series is not fully represented.

Reason #3: Kirby

Many might have thought it would be unlikely for them to add two DK characters to one game, but hey, Mario got three in Melee. The Kirby representation is a better example though. Kirby came into Brawl all alone, and left with two additional representatives, Meta Knight and King Dedede, who are both (arguably) villains. Now, DK (who is a much more important character) only got Diddy Kong, and let's face it: that should have happened in Melee.

There was a large gap during Brawl's development in which Donkey Kong wasn't confirmed, and many fans seriously believed he wouldn't be in. When he finally was they were so thankful they thought it was too much to even ask for Diddy to be playable. Well, that was ridiculous paranoia bread from the Jungle Beat days that were quite frankly, a one time post-Rare period in which Nintendo tried to ruin DK. That was over far before Brawl, and to think that Diddy Kong wouldn't be playable was just silly(let alone DK himself!). As much as I love Dedede, he should have been accompanied by the Donkey Kong villain, King K. Rool.

Reason #4: The Character makes itself

Unlike some characters that were difficult to fill a moveset for, it won't take me 5 minutes to come up with one for the Kremling King. His variety of costume changes and various technological devices throughout the years have made him a truly unique character with unlimited possibilities. His recover could be his Copter pack from DKC3; his Blunderbuss could fill in another couple moves; his crown could be thrown boomerang style; he could have a variety of pile-drives and body slams; etc, etc, etc. Any one of his appearances could fill up an average move set, therefore by combining different techniques from all of his appearances a very awesome and interesting move set could be made.

Aside from just moves, everything else about him is easy to come up with. He could have a variety of alternate costumes based on his alter-egos. His taunts could include him playing dead like he does in almost every game. You name it, and it won't take long to craft it around him.

Reason #5: He's a better choice

Because of the reasons I've mentioned above, King K. Rool would be a fantastic playable Brawler. So great that he would be better than almost half of the already included characters. Just so you know I'm not exaggerating, I will list off every character that I feel is a worse choice than King K. Rool. Toon Link, R.O.B., Luigi, Captain Olimar, Ice Climbers, Pit, Falco, Wolf, Lucario, Jigglypuff, Marth, Ike, Lucas, Snake, Sonic, and Mr. Game and Watch. Yeah, that's debatable. But at least as far as I'm concerned, that's sixteen characters that I would have had no remorse in removing in favor of King K. Rool; not just because I'm a DK fan but because he's an all around better character.

- by Jomingo -

This article was written by a DKC Atlas Forum staff member. All opinions expressed within this article are those of the writer, and are not necessarily shared by DKC Atlas, or the DKC gaming community.
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